Like A Timex He Just Keeps On Ticking

An angling aficionado featured on here often, born before Color TV, Microwaves, & Monofilament Line, named Wayne Barksdale, has a lot to be desired….meaning this as a compliment. We should all desire to have his patience & prowess to locate large bass or ANY bass for that matter. This guy treats age as nothing more than a number….lapping at his 8th decade of existence, 2 heart attacks, 6 stents, 1st name basis with his dermatologist….AND the only person I know that caught a bass OVER 14 lbs that was featured in Bassmaster Magazine that came from Orange Lake 6 years ago. The fish pictured below were caught near Lakeland, FL. Just keep in mind that if you’re fishing in Florida, that next cast can be a trophy. The proof is shown below.

Wayne Barksdale Caught 6/1/16 Wt 6.8 lbs Worm

Wayne Barksdale Caught 6/1/16
Wt 6.8 lbs Worm “Dead Slow “
























Wayne Barksdale Caught 6/3/16 Wt 8.7 lbs Worm

Wayne Barksdale Caught 6/3/16 Wt 8.7 lbs Worm “Dead Slow Presentation”

Here’s Ken Fox, shown below, with a Lake Erie smallmouth he caught last week while we’re down south weathering tropical storm Colin. Many of us miss catching those acrobatic fish….Ken also mentioned that he’d caught a 39″ muskie. Now that’d be a tackle tearer upper. Attachment-1MA30642422-0001








So the next time you’re saying “I’m getting to old for this #$&%, or it’s just too hot, think about Wayne Barksdale. I’m sure Wayne Barksdale remembers John Cameron Swayze that was famous for saying. “It takes a licking & keeps on ticking”. That’s Barksdale all the way.

Steve Henderson


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