The Battle Heats Up

As in typical Sunshine State fashion, our 2 seasons consist of warm & hot….sorta….just like the fishing. The snowbirds have flown the coupe leaving roads, restaurants, & ramps deserted. WHOA…not all ramps. Reports received tell me that pan fish are still being taken on occasions but not like they were earlier.There’s still full timers that are out battling the elements with sunscreen, hats, & gloves for protection against the suns rays….and yes it pays off. Check out Gary Towers cradling this nice 5.10 bass he caught on a spinnerbait on a recent trip to Eustis. Gary said this had been only his 2nd trip to the lake. I’d bet it’s safe to say it won’t be his last.

Gary Towers holds 5.12 Spinnerbait Bass

Gary Towers 5/23/16 5.12 lb Spinnerbait Bass

Trevor Bailey holds 4.12 lb Lake Griffin Trick Worm Bass

Trevor Bailey holds 4.13 lb Lake Griffin Trick Worm Bass 5/20/16


Trevor Bailey (R), sitting in the back of the boat, scores big time with a 4.13 lbr while fishing behind Wayne Barksdale. Surprised you caught anything after fishing behind a seine. Barksdale doesn’t miss many as he’s been featured on here numerous times.




Upon returning home from 1 of my twice daily dog park trips, I went out of the way to check the status of a Village pond only to arrive at the perfect time & witness this angler set the hook on a nice 3 lb bass he caught on a white fluke….minutes before he mentioned he’d caught a 4.8 lbr. When released, the fish briskly swam away.

3 lb Bass Caught 5/22/16 Village Pond

3 lb Bass Caught 5/22/16
Village Pond

I counted 4 other exceptionally nice bass as large or larger within 6 ft from the bank in 2ft< of water in bright sun.  When bluegills got close, they chased them off. Full moon spawn? I gave up trying to keep track of Florida fish mating season after catching bloody tailed fish from October thru July.

Having received calls weekly asking where’s a good place to fish from the bank at a nearby lake?….I advise them to look no further than The Villages. Visit our web site, abide by the rules, & find a pond to your liking. These fish are caught on everything from hot dogs to plastic worms. And as water temps soar into the low 90’s, remember 1 thing, Florida fish are used to eating as The Battle Heats Up.


Steve Henderson

PS: Here is an “active” link to Dennis Renfro’s presentation at the May meeting.  The original attempt failed due to operator error.

Jerry Lester

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