New Officers and FWC Emeralda Marsh Project – May Meeting FFC

Steve Henderson completed his term as president, as of this meeting.  Thanks to Steve for an effective tenure.

Elected officers and board members are:

  • Randy DiSanto – President
  • Rob Husson – Vice President
  • Jerry Lester – Treasurer
  • Erie Forehand – Secretary
  • Jerry Echols – 2 year term
  •  Steve Felix – 2 year term
  • Trevor Bailey – 2 year term
  • Bill Shelton – 1 year remaining
  • Don Kindilien – 1 year remaining
  • Steve Henderson – Former President 1 year term

 Following the election of officers for the upcoming year, Dennis Renfro of FWC Fisheries Management for the Harris chain gave a presentation on the renovation of the Emeralda Marshes region off of Lake Griffin, the 1950’s site of 8 farms that caused widespread pollution of Lake Griffin.  The region was bought by the State of Florida and has become a fishery of merit, now to be improved by the project outlined by Mr. Renfro in the following video:

Jerry Lester

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