SSFF = Start Small Finish FAT

While many have exited the peninsula, here’s a sample of what’s been going on recently. With reports coming in about heavy duty sacks & chomping bites I gave Ken Fox a call & said lets go. FFC member Ken Fox, who fishes Lake Erie & beyond, caught this squeaker that wanted to eat. Ken likes to catch smallmouth bass but this fish not only had a small mouth but his tail was to close to his head.

Ken Fox at Lake Griffin 4/27/16

Ken Fox at Lake Griffin 4/27/16



To Ken’s credit he does have a 10 lb + he caught from Panasoffkee.  And the bait….I’ll let that slide….don’t think that they’ll be a run on pink lipless at Brooker Bait & Tackle any time soon.





Jerry Lester rubbing it in standing in front of out of state friends home. Sorry Bruce. NOT

Jerry Lester rubbing it in standing in front of friends home. Sorry Bruce. NOT



Jerry Lester – Web Master – Treasurer – AKA Wingnut poses in front of friends home Bruce Gover with 4 that were staged to “rub it in”….although these 4 didn’t weigh as much as 1 that Bruce caught last year…. 10 lb 2 oz. Nice going anyway Jerry.




Rick Cope 5 1/2 lb St Johns ate a topwater

Rick Cope 5 1/2 lb St Johns ate a topwater




And yes boys and girls the regulars that you see on here are still catching….where & how do these guys catch these fish? ANSWER = time on the water and a lot of cast it out & wind it in. Here’s Rick Cope with a 5 1/2 lbr he caught from the St. Johns River near Astor. Good looking healthy fish Rick – as for you – did I say good looking healthy fish ?!?!?    🙂




Wayne Barksdale 4/17/16 weighed 8.2 lbs Lake Griffin - swimbait diet

Wayne Barksdale 4/17/16 weighed 8.3 lbs Lake Griffin – swimbait diet

Wayne Barksdale says he doesn’t always have good days on the water but when he does you’ll see it here. This seasoned angler has caught more Trophy Catch Qualifier (8+ lb) fish than anyone else posted. His techniques aren’t unique but his drive & determination maybe. While most anglers are out at the crack of dawn, Wayne says his bigger bites occur late morning…. after 1000. Something to ponder the next time you’re installing your running lights on your boat or walking to your favorite pond. His fish were caught on swimbaits & toads and the weights were as follows: 8.3 – 7.6 – 5.4 – 4 & 3. Wayne said all were post spawners that were obviously hungry. He went back 1 day later & caught 3 non-keepers in the same area. Note all fish caught were released. WTG Wayne.


On the St. John’s River in March, Rick Clunn, who’ll be 70 in August, won a Bassmaster Elite tournament casting for ca$h against “kids” 1/2 his age. Clunn won by throwing baits over submerged vegetation….although not exactly what he was using, a chatterbait with a swimbait attached seemed to punch his ticket. This swimbait was glued on to help prevent slippage. Pictured is a Reaction Inovation Skinny Dipper 5″ in Houdini color.


Chatterbait    Swimbait







So the next time you’re heading out the door keep in mind that not always does the early bird catch the fish…. You may wind up changing the definition of SSFF to Started Stumble Farted & Fell.


Steve Henderson

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