Boats On Retention Ponds

This email  from District Manager, Janet Tutt, to then District 3 Supervisor, John Goetz, regarding regulations for canoes and kayaks on The Villages Retention Ponds says, “non motorized boats/canoes/kayaks ARE allowed on any of the ponds that can be fished with same conditions. Further, Head of Recreation, John Rohan, said in his email to Janet Tutt that, “We now direct residents to contact the freshwater fishing club for more info and details (and maybe get a new member.)”

This trust implies that we will be good stewards of this responsibility, being always mindful of the adjacent resident’s privacy.  The ponds are a good resource and can provide hours of fishing entertainment at a minimum of cost.

Email Janet Tutt to John Goetz re boats on Ponds

I note that this email was communicated in 2012, now 4 years ago, and there have been no egregious acts on the part of fishermen or boaters and I would offer that the trust placed in our club was well placed.  Click here for a copy of the email.

Jerry Lester

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