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Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve put my fingers to the key board because I haven’t had anything to tell you that you didn’t already know. The bite has slowed somewhat….no it’s stopped….at least for a few….ask the Villagers that fished Bonita Pond during the Villages Bass Tournament. They got skunked. I promise you there’s plenty of bass in Bonita Pond and most ALL ponds in The Villages. Your results may be about to turn around soon. Reports have been coming in that that there’s bedding bass in most ponds & surrounding lakes. In March 2015 four of us went to the Haines Creek marsh and “tore em up”. Fast forward 12 months to March 2016 and although I’ve caught many fish, larger bass over 3 lbs are non-exhistent. In fact most have been under 2 lbs.

2 Squeakers Ate Fluke

These 2  squeakers are the norm caught Mar 17, 2016 Watermelon Red Fluke 3/0 hook no weight

Upon leaving today I saw 2 bass on a bed & the larger appeared to be 3-4 pounds – Looked promising & compared to what I’ve been catching this was huge. Did I fish for it? Nope….I rarely do….but that’s just me when it comes to bed fishing.

Bassmaster Elite anglers are fishing the St John’s River near Palatka, FL. Mar 18 & 19 will scale down the field to the top 12. Freshwater Fishing Club member and Village Resident Ken Fox served as a marshal & was teamed with Aaron Martens on Mar 17. Martens after day 1 is in 60th place with 14.6. Fox told me Friday he’s paired with Jonathon Van Dam who’s in 42nd place with 16.5. Shaw Grigsby & Terry Scroggins, that attended our FFC meetings in Jan & Feb, are in 80th & 37th place respectably. If you were to ask most any Elite Angler who’s the best sight fisherman they’ll say Shaw Grigsby. As for Terry Scroggins, this is his backyard. The 2 pro’s have 3 more days of competition. Watch live coverage on UPDATE: 3rd place angler Cliff Crochet threw a frog buzzing it across the surgface on day 1 & is throwing same bait on day 2. He mentioned he may go for an hour before a hit then he’d catch 2 or 3… 1 weight was 22.14.

Shaw Grigsby

Shaw Grigsby

Terry Scroggins

Terry Scroggins


Steve Henderson



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