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When was the last time you wanted the air temp to drop….especially if you’re a Floridian….to turn the tide from catching little green fish to Trophy Catch qualifiers? It’s fast approaching & many reports are in that it’s here – I think – although 20 something states recorded the warmest Dec ever on record. Be careful what you wish for. A recent tournament held on Rousseau in Dec took 31 pounds & change to win. That’s over a 6 lb average. Anglers were fishing heavy cover that paid HUGE dividends.

VP Randy DiSanto catches his largest bass ever in a Village Pond weighed 6.3 lbs.

VP Randy DiSanto catches his largest bass ever in a Village Pond weighed 6.3 lbs.


Randy shows off his nicest bass to date he caught in Dec in The Villages on  a worm. Yes there’s a picture of it and a video. I’m sure it’ll be shown shortly on Sports Center. maybe. Nice job Randy & there are much larger bass to be caught within a golf cart ride.



Never to let us down with input is the Barksdale Clan. This father & son team are the envy of many on  their success. But like the dad Wayne tells me, “You don’t hear of the bad days I’ve had”. Regardless, these guys score often catching larger bass than most. And NO it’s not luck as some would think.

Wayne Barksdale displays a successful catch pf the day 6.6 lb

Wayne Barksdale displays a successful catch of the day 6.6 lbs

Jeff Barksdale holds a nice 6 lbr only to be out done by dad Wayne. I'll take it any day.

Jeff Barksdale holds a nice 6 lbr only to be out done by dad Wayne – still respectable










Trophy Catch results in Lake County from Dec 1, 2015 thru Jan 8, 2016 indicated 10 bass caught between 8.0 & 12.8 lbs. 6 came from the Harris Chain, 3 from private ponds, & 1 from the St. Johns River. Go to the Trophy Catch web site and look at results for the same time period in Marion County. There’s one angler named Mark S Lemieux that during this same time period has caught 16, sixteen, SIX TEEN Trophy Bass qualifiers. I’d guess it’s safe to say the oh FISH als know him on a 1st name basis.

Many reaped the benefits of the kamikaze strikes & numbers of bass caught at Deaton last month. The bite continued for about 3 weeks. Locals reportedly stated they’d never seen the lake this active. The parking lot reflected it too. It was common for anglers to catch over 25 fish per outing. No size just numbers. Most caught were 13 to 13 3/4″ and all looked extremely healthy. Unlike Deaton, Okahumpka across the street, was teaming with duck hunters. Normally the hunters were off the water by 11:00 a.m…. key word normally …. Guess the ducks were flying much of the time because if you frequented Deaton you could hear the gun shots from Okahumpka. This writer paid Okahumpka a visit 2 weeks ago & was limited to 1 area for fear of being a target. My success produced 3 dinks & 1 speck over 12″.

Another lake I’ve not fished in a while was Lake Miona. If you’ve got enough patience to get by  the slimy moss go for it. After 3 hrs last week I drew a blank. Don’t sell this lake short because it has produced many fish for me over 5 lbs. I was targeting the pads with 65 lb braid and toads. As Arnold says – I’ll Be Back!

And if you want a chance to fish Promise Ranch which is a world renown body of water in Central FLA with a chance to catch a trophy bass of a lifetime by all means purchase a raffle ticket Tuesday night at our meeting. There will only be 25 tickets sold at $20 each. See Randy DiSanto at the meeting.  Click here

  • Boaters Beware: After hearing rumors at the dock about FWC saying they’d issue citations if you were caught on plane in Emeralda Marsh caused me to contact them. The marsh is located south of Haines Creek just east of Lake Griffin. There is NO SIGNAGE that says idle speed only & no engines over 40 hp. The ONLY signage is at an entrance from Lake Griffin saying no airboats and something about 10 hp motors. But FWC email said 40 hp max allowed to navigate in the marsh and any boats with motors OVER 40 hp have to use trolling motor only. Don’t shoot the messenger.
Bassmaster Champion Ken Cook Dead at 68

Bassmaster Champion Ken Cook

Ken Cook, 1991 Bassmaster Classic Champion who retired from the Bassmaster tournament trail in 2009 and inducted in the Bassmaster Hall of Fame in 2010, passed away Jan 8, 2016. Ken Cook was famous for his money making success throwing a spinnerbait. He was 68.


Steve Henderson

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