Promise Ranch Fishing Trip—Raffle

Raffle tickets will go on sale at the January thru February meeting, cost of a ticket is $20.00.  There will only be 25 tickets sold.  Four lucky angler will be selected to go on the trip.  Tickets will be drawn at the close of the February meeting.
The date of the trip is February 16th , 9:00am; rain date is February 17th. This trip normally costs $500.00.  The club is not profiting in any way from this raffle.  It is a great chance to take advantage this unique venue.

Enclosed are some photos of fish caught at the Ranch.

The Promise Ranch is located in Center Hill, off route 48, 35 minutes from the Villages.   Check out the “Promise Ranch” website.  All additional info will be provided to the winners at the February meeting.
 In the event all (25) tickets are NOT sold, all monies will be returned and the trip cancelled.
Contact Randy Disanto with any questions: 352-391-1051 /352-205-2378.
Jerry Lester
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