Don’t Let Them Have It Works

Water temps in central FL have dropped as much as 20 degrees in the past month, depending on your favorite watering hole, but when this happens the norm is to usually slow down your retrieve…. STOP RIGHT THERE…. When was the last time you read instructions for something that actually worked? Have you assembled anything lately? It’s hard enough to figure out what language you’re looking at let alone installing door “A” to frame “H”.  Well recent outings have proved 1 thing. While casting & slowly retrieving a fluke, & getting occasional missed strikes, I’d wind in quickly to cast again when all of sudden the fish would jump all over it. Hmmmm ….Let’s try this again…. Made another cast & retrieve it buzzbait style but popping the rod tip the whole time and get an explosive strike.



I continued to do this for several more hours until time prohibited due to my 4 legged home bound friend needing to go outside. One thing for sure is have plenty of flukes because the toothy critters will play havoc with them….also a healthy supply of 3/0 hooks for bite offs. My fluke inventory was depleted by 18 & 3/0 hooks by 6….this was in 1 outing. As far as hooking the flukes – the fish didn’t seem to care. I’d cut 3/8″ off the nose because the hook had ripped through. Then I started hooking it as if fishing minnows and came up through the bottom & out the top of it’s head – NOT what’s in the picture but I did start with what’s shown.

So the next time you’re casting & cranking be vigilant of what takes place. That “don’t let them have it” retrieve may pay off. It did so in quantity NOT quality. 20% < may only be keepers but catching 13.75″ jumping fish is always fun on light tackle. I use a 6’6″ med spinning rod with 20# braid, 8# mono leader, & 3/0 Eagle Claw light wire worm hook.

Dec 5th – Brooker Bait & Tackle in Leesburg is having their 5th annual sale & cookout. Meet touring Pros Shaw Grigsby & Mark Menendez. Shimano & G.Loomis Reps on hand. Click here for flyer

Dec 8th – Our next FFC meeting is Dec 8 at Lake Miona Rec Center featuring Millers Boating Center sponsored B.A.S.S. professional Patrick Pierce. Click here for Patrick Pierce

Please remember to bring a new unwrapped rod/reel combo to our Dec 8th meeting for Toys 4 Tots. This will be the last collection before Christmas.

Toys For Tots Drop Off






Steve Henderson


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