Wind NO of Opportunity

East winds howling this morning as we hit Lake Griffin. Neighbor Stan Lippian & I started pitching creature baits in pepper grass & other bassy lookin like areas only to say screw this & find an area with less wind. Normally I’d say the wind is your friend but I must have ticked off Ma Nature because I only caught a couple squeakers. Once we arrived in a quieter area and started casting I heard Stan holler LOOK LOOK LOOK and as I turned and saw this submarine heading toward his toad….then SLURP…. I’d bet my paycheck that it would have been a mudfish. The picture proves otherwise. All I can say it was soooo neat. That fish came from 15 ft away and all you saw was a V in the water coming at the toad.

Stan Lippian With This Torpedo

Stan Lippian With This Torpedo



Stan Lippian Shows A Trick Worm Taker

Stan Lippian Shows A Speed Worm Taker  

Foy Underwood Holding A Toad Eater Caught 11/10/15 Weight 4.39 lbs

Foy Underwood Holding A Toad Eater  4.39 lbs









 Please remember & bring a new unwrapped rod & reel combo to our next FFC meeting on Dec 8.

From your web masters Jerry Lester & Steve Henderson

Happy Thanksgiving

Steve Henderson

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