FFC Members Got Fish At Panasoffkee

Fourteen members of The Villages Freshwater Fishing Club went to Lake Panasoffkee Thursday Oct 29th. The weather was typical Florida style…. sunny & pleasant….but not all the fishing was the same.

Tracy's Point

Tracy’s Point

A few got skunked…. a few caught fish….I heard 1 comment that it’s the 3rd time out & nothing. I followed up saying that I got skunked 2 days in a row this week….broke 2 rods in 1 day….dropped my Otter Box covered cell phone only to have the face self destruct as if it’d been hit with a hammer…. and to top that my wife’s hairdresser quit. OMG the sky is falling!

This writer launched from Tracy’s Point that’s centrally located on the lake & headed across where the 2 canals come out from the east ramp of Coleman. With the trolling motor on “go fast” I switched back & forth with toad & popper & headed south. Caught 1 keeper bass on a popper…. a waiver fish on a lipless, then another keeper on a fluke. And what happened to the pads at the south end of the lake?

L-R Mike O'Connor, Lorri Lewis, Bill Hottinger, Bill Shelton

L-R Mike O’Connor, Lorri Lewis, Bill Hottinger, Bill Shelton


Doing a 180 I found a familiar foursome in a pontoon boat & when I approached there’s Bill Shelton wrestling a fish…..problem was it was a mudfish.

Peaked my interest for a moment. At least this gang caught a few.

Mike O'Connor holds a Panasoffkee keeper

Mike O’Connor holds a Panasoffkee Keeper





Not everybody caught bass. There were pickerel & crappies caught too. Check the size of Steve Felix’s crappie.

Steve Felix with a nice Panasoffkee Crappie

Steve Felix with a nice Panasoffkee Crappie




Bill Gorman holds a bass he’d caught early.

Bill Gorman holds a Lake Panasoffke Bass

Bill Gorman holds a Lake Panasoffke Bass





Catfish Johnny's for lunch

Catfish Johnny’s for lunch


After fishing from 7:30 to 12:30 the gang went to Catfish Johnny’s for lunch.

Waiting For Lunch At Catfish Johnny's

Waiting For Lunch At Catfish Johnny’s









Although the fishing was great, the catching lacked. Regardless, I feel it’s safe to say all had a good time & the meal afterwards made the day that much better. Where do you want to go next month? Let Steve Felix know.

Steve Henderson


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