Few Bass Being Caught & Ya Ever Hear It Comes In 3’s ?

16 Anglers recently were casting for cash at Lake Spivey on the world renown Tsala Apopka Chain near Inverness. The weights were right where the tournament participants anticipated….John Devenny weighed in 5 bass that totalled 11.28 lbs. He also had big bass that weighed 3.60 lbs. Yes sirreee Florida bass fishing at its……well hardly at its finest. I’ve always heard that in this chain if you weigh in 5 that’ll go from 9-11 lbs you’ve got a chance to win. Of the 16 anglers, 10 brought 31 fish to the scales. Of those 10 only 2 anglers had 5 fish limits.

Bill Ranglett with 2 of 4 Needed 1 More to Win Next Time Bill

Bill Ranglett with 2 of 4 Caught Oct 13, 2015 Tsala Apopka Lake Spivey.  Needed 1 More to Win
Next Time Bill

  • South Lake Bass Anglers hold club tournament on Harris Oct 17
South Lake Bass Anglers President Al Smith

South Lake Bass Anglers
President Al Smith

President Al Smith said they launched from Hickory Point and were limited to fish Little & Big Harris including the Dead River to the bridge. Hours were from safe light to 3 pm. Al’s partner today was his daughter. She said “Dad I’m not fishing tournaments with you anymore.” She told me she was exhausted & she’d been up since 3:30 am. Ah yes – the fun of tournament angling. You’re fortunate Al to have a daughter fish with you. Yeah she’ll be back. You didn’t front end her….did you?

Al said he had 24 members & 3 guests fish today…. There were 63 fish caught….1st place Paul McDonald with 5 that weighed 14.12 lbs….

Big Bass was caught by Ron Georgia that weighed 4.14 lbs. Ron said he caught it crankin’ a lipless. I won’t mention that Ron wasn’t in the big bass pot. Really I won’t…. heh heh.

Ron Georgia 4.14 Big Bass Caught Crankin' Lipless - Nice Fish Ron

Ron Georgia 4.14 Big Bass Caught Crankin’ Lipless – Nice Fish Ron

Top 5 anglers with winner Paul McDonald on far left….Paul brought in 5 fish that weighed 14.12 lbs. Nice sack Paul.

Top 5 Lake Harris 10/17/15 Winner Paul McDonald

South Lake Bass Anglers Top 5 Lake Harris 10/17/15  L-R Winner Paul McDonald, Manolo Bejar, David Spangler, Dave Spence, Rick Adams

Blown Grease Seal

Blown Grease Seal

Yeah it comes in 3’s. My trailer axle blew a grease seal. Went to my trailer shop….They had to order it from Ranger….Sir your parts will be in next week. We’ll call you.

I didn’t see the scuffed piston from an oil pump failure on my neighbor Stan Lippians Evinrude. Stan was able to fish a tournament today although from the back of the boat but he was able to salvage valuable points with weighing in 3 fish.

Then there was Rick Cope & Larry Lenon that, although they had fish, were DQ’d because they were late. Poor guys had a mechanical failure preventing them from getting in on time.

Next week the cats outa the bag. Stay tuned.IMG_1623MA30525083-0002

Steve Henderson

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