Jim Sweatman of FFWCC Presents a Very Encompassing Mixture of Bass Biology and Catching Methods

Current president  Steve Henderson (left) presented past president Jerry Echols a plaque of appreciation for 8 years of service as Club President. During the same period, Jerry’s wife Marge (recently deceased) served as Club Treasurer.  Together they were a team that sustained the club and provided many enjoyable activities for it’s members.    DSCN1379

Steve Felix, Fishing Chairman, announced the upcoming fishing trip details of which are on the Meeting/Events Page of this website.DSCN1383

The membership was treated to a presentation by Jim Sweatman of FFWCC, NE Division.  Jim was very animated and excited about the fishing here in Florida.  While educated as a fish biologist he shared his techniques of his real passion: fishing.


He led his presentation with a discussion of the genetic differences between Florida Strain Bass and Northern Strain Bass, some of which is captured in the following video:

Jerry Lester

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