This Is NOT The Time To Diet

The bass fishing reports received over the past 10 days should peak your interest about as much as a colonoscopy. While a few have scored with limited success, many are scratching there backside wondering where the hell they’ve disappeared to. And you’re reading this to find answers???? yeah right.

  • Lake Rousseau – 11 anglers fished a bass club tournament last week with scalding results. … 5 fish caught TOTAL….1st place Milt Shuffield 2 fish weighing 3.72 lbs….2nd place Bud Henry had 2 fish that weighed an enormous 1.78 lbs….and Big Bass weighed a hole (yeah it’s spelled right) 2.75 lbs….Phil McNeal gets an honorable mention for 3rd with a giant weight 1.60 lbs.
  • Lake Harris – My neighbor Stan Lippian & I fished Lake Harris 4 times since Oct 1st….Results have mirrored previous bullet. Oct 1st produced one 2 lb keeper on trick worm. Oct 2nd produced a 5 fish limit but only 1 bass was over 14″….the other 4 were waiver fish measuring between 12″ to 14″….2 caught on a toad….1 on worm….others on lipless crankbait. Oct 6th produced one 2.5 keeper on a toad between 2 anglers that fished 6 hrs. Oct 8th my fishing buddy Stan Lippian caught one 2 lbr and 1 waiver fish.
  • Johns Lake – 8 anglers fished a club tournament Oct 7….total fish caught 9….1st place 5 bass that weighed 8.54….Big Bass 3.23 lbs….this writer caught 3 that weighed 5.32. One caught on a Pop R & 2 on Flukes. Johns Lake tournament fish all had to be over 14 inches.

At least our buddy Wayne Barksdale, that’s been featured on here numerous times, caught a decent bass on the Winter Haven Chain last week FUN FISHING. Hellllooooo…you tournament guys reading this?

Wayne Barksdale 5.2 lb Bass Ate A Swimjig

Wayne Barksdale 5.2 lb Bass Ate A Swimjig

Having had dismal results recently, things needed to be put into perspective. Seen the headlines lately? Ever been through a flood? Lose any possessions? Or even worse, a loved one? Kinda puts a different twist to a bad day of fishing doesn’t it.

Oct 5th while fishing a canal that was covered by a canopy of trees with sunlight glistening through the leaves, there’s me and nature, when a movement catches my eye. I looked up and noticed a huge owl within 50 ft perched on a limb as if to say “What are you doing in my realm?” I remained as still as possible but the boat moving forward spooked this majestic creature. I spoke out loud as it flew off & said WOW! I was all alone – or was I?  Also alone when the toothy critter below left made off with my bait. I spoke out loud then….you had to hear me say _________ <— fill in the blank!

$10 Thieving Toothy Critter

$10 Thieving Toothy Critter











So the next time you’re out castin’ & crankin’  & you’re po’d because these stupid green fish are dieting, just remember you’ve got it better than most….life is good!

See you Tuesday at the meeting

Steve Henderson


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