They’re Not Biting – Try This

We’ve all had days when the “Dog Days Of Summer” seem to last year round. If this happens to you it may be time to switch tactics. Here’s a couple things that have worked for me “on occassions”…..

Trick Worm Rig

Trick Worm Rig – Weight Pegged   12″ Up From Hook


Fluke With 18″ to 24″ Leader










Notice the above left picture of a trick worm has the 1/16 oz weight pegged about 12″ up from the hook….bobbber stoppers will work fine too….I learned this from a guy that fishes the Stick Marsh …. and it does seem to produce more hits than if you pegged your weight at the hook. The worm has a tendency to sink slower, unless you use a heavy hook. I prefer a thin wire hook no larger than 3/0. This also allows the worm to ride on top of the vegetation where your weight is more apt to sink into it….thus when you feel the weight in the vegetation it’s time to move your line by raising your rod tip.

The above right picture showing the fluke is also rigged different than most anglers prefer. Look close & you’ll see the hook is rigged thru the side of the bait instead of coming up thru the bottom then hiding the hook in the slotted open area on top….Does it matter? You be the judge….I’ve used it both ways but now hook the fluke almost exclusively the way it’s shown in the picture.

Fluke Hooked Thru Side - Barrel Swivel - Tiny Weight - 30# Braid - 8# Mono

Fluke Hooked Thru Side – Barrel Swivel – Tiny Weight  30# Braid – 8# Mono

Trick Worm & Fluke

Trick Worm & Fluke









Both rigs are thrown on 6’6″ MH spinning rod with Shimano 2500 reel. I’d prefer 7′ rods but the old saying “If it aint broke don’t fix it” kinda works for me. One thing you need to keep in mind….light wire hooks & “no stretch line” can be a recipe for disaster upon hard hook sets or boat swings….possibility does exist on straightening the hook. Either tone down the drag or go with M or ML rod allowing some forgiveness.

  • Lake Deaton – I was at Deaton 9/21/15 & I’ve never seen the lake this high. Use caution parking on the left side of the road due to soft ground. Also wish I’d brought a rake with me to remove the lilly pad roots that were clogging the ramp area. Royal PIA loading the boat when those things drift over your bunks. As for a fishing report…. 1 dink, 5 waivers, 1 keeper weighed 2.45…. You now can see new homes looking to your left, straight, & right…. I feel for the duck hunters….need I say more?










Steve Henderson



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