Okahumpka Make Over & B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Wins His Case

  • On Feb 25, 2014 I attended a Sumter County Commission meeting and advised County Officials about problems trying to launch boats due to low water at Lake Okahumpka.  Moving forward, at The Villages Freshwater Fishing Club meeting held on Sep 8, 2015 a member brought to the clubs attention about something going on at Lake Okahumpka….Once permits were acquired from the corp, work started almost immediately on Okahumpka to remove tussocks. Although there are different FWC agencies involved, here’s an edited portion of what’s occurring…. the main points are shown. Make sure to refer to the United Water Fowlers link. Special thanks to Marty Hale & Bruce Jaggers from FWC for providing us this information.

Yes, did get started.  We were about ready to wait until after early teal/wood duck hunt and then got a permit from the Corps at 4:40 Friday PM on Aug 30 .  Contractor started at 0630 Saturday morning Aug 31.

I was able to coordinate by phone with the regional director for United Waterfowlers and he posted a thread on their public forum giving members some information about the project:


Short story – contractors worked 12 hour days and got the first phase (rough cut + second cut) done for all 6 work areas as of this past Wednesday.  They will come back Sept 28 after the early season to do the final phase (fine cut) and expecting to be done about middle of October.  Will have to see how the material responds to determine if any follow-up treatment is needed (e.g. after youth hunt in Feb 2016).

Project has progressed faster than I expected – contractor jumped right on it and worked long hours, plus their heavy duty machines and type/thickness of material made work progress quickly.

As noted in second e-mail above there are two spots of temporary blockage of boat trail that runs behind where the tussocks were located and I expect to have that cleared up by early October.

In typical government fashion, things don’t happen instantaneously….but it is happening. Okahumpka will not be made into a pleasure boaters paradise….this is for hunters, anglers, and skinny water enthusiats who are into nature. We’ll all be anxious to see results once completed.


  • Elite B.A.S.S. angler Mark Menendez filed charges against a NY homeowner for harrassment while Menendez was fishing a tournament. William Bishop pleaded guilty and was fined $175 for harrassing a fisherman on July 31, 2015.  Menendez said he was pleased with the outcome of the case. The Elite Anglers marshal that day took photo’s of the encounter.

Steve Henderson


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