The NATURAL Then There’s The Rest Of Us & More

While I’m sitting at Lake Miona Rec Center season opener meeting of The Villages Freshwater Fishing Club last night intently listening to VP Randy DiSanto talk about his fishing technique on the 3 different lures he uses, my cell phone started vibrating. Taking my attention off Randy, but only for a second,  I noticed I was receiving pictures from a friend featuring his step son Waylon Padget. If you’re a subscriber here, you’ve seen this youngster before. This kid is a NATURAL. Lets face it….how many kindergartners do you know that can cast a lure with a spinning rod? Then again how many kindergartners do you know that fish? Too many kids today are busy exercising their thumbs playing video games. Hats off to Waylons parents for showing him the outdoors.

Waylon Padgett Batling Bass

Waylon Padget Battling Bass

Waylon Padgett Shows Us HIS Technique

Waylon Padget Shows HIS Results Using Pop-R









Don’t think for a moment that this angler is being handed a rod with a fish on from his step-dad Dan….I’ve seen Waylon cast and as I keep saying….he’s a NATURAL… Did I mention he’ll be 5 in October!!!

Waylon Padgett Scores Using White/Chartreuse Spinnerbait

Waylon Padget Scores Using White/Chartreuse Spinnerbait

Waylon Padgett aka "The Natural"

Waylon Padget aka “The Natural”









Around the area, anglers are still catching bass even in the heat. With lake levels not seen this high in years, it can be challenging locating the fish but when you do, make a mental note because most every place you fish in Florida looks good. Beating the bank is not always a way of life here. Keep in mind there’s plenty of submerged cover away from shore.

Results from a small club tournament held on the Tsala Apopka Chain at Hernando Sep 8th had 19 anglers, 51 fish caught, 1st place was Don Millich 5/11.88, Big Bass was Mike Tacak with 6.32…. what’d these guys use? Millich got his on topwater & Tacek got his on worm.


Don Millich Weight 5.14

Don Millich Weight 5.14

Mike Tacak Won Big Bass Weight 6.32 WTG

Mike Tacak Won Big Bass Weight 6.32 WTG











Steve Felix

Steve Felix

Steve Felix, our fishing trip chairman, says if he gets enough interest to go to St Johns River near Astor on Thursday 9/24/15 from 0730 to 1230, he’ll schedule an outing. Pontoon boat rental is $38 each with 4 people…..lunch at Castaways…. Boat owners no charge. Contact Steve Felix at 608-780-0598  DEALINE MONDAY SEP 28. You must be a Freshwater Fishing Club paid member. This has always been a good time regardless of fishing results.

Lake County, in conjunction with The Anglers for Conservation, are holding their 4th annual Wings and Wildflowers festival at Venetian Gardens in Leesburg. They are in need of volunteers to work 5 stations for a Youth Fishing Derby that will be held from 10:00 to 1:00 pm on Saturday Oct 3rd. Each child, once they go through the 5 stations, will receive a fishing rod. Volunteers will receive t-shirts and will no doubt be guaranteed a smile. You can sign up to volunteer on the web site Wings and Wildflowers or call 352-742-3925 for more info.


Remember to sign up & receive the latest updates in the area by following blog via email. Your email address goes no farther. Look for me & Teddy out & about the area.

Teddy Said C Ya At The Meeting

Teddy Said C Ya At The Meeting


Steve Henderson




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