Ray Sutherland Flourished At Floral City

Anglers fought mid 90’s heat & “feel” like temps in the low 100’s competing for – are you kidding?…. I think 1st place cleared enough $$$ to buy a tank of gas – it’s mainly bragging rights & a good time amongst a bunch of seniors.

Ray Sutherland 8.1 lbs Tsala Apopka 2/10/15

Ray Sutherland 8.1 lbs
Tsala Apopka 2/10/15

6 months ago, on the Tsala Apopka Chain near Inverness, Ray Sutherland captured the Big Bass pot with a Trophy Catch qualifier weighing 8.1 lbs.

Ray Sutherland 7.6 lbs Tsala Apopka Floral City

Ray Sutherland Big Bass Winner 7.6 lbs
Tsala Apopka Floral City 8/11/15


Today, with a 5 fish limit, Sutherland caught another nice bass weighing 7.6 lbs but was short of the minimum requirement of 8 lbs to qualify for Trophy Catch…. VERY respectable none the less….AND he came in 1st place with a total weight of 12.1 lbs….do the math & you’ll see how small his other 4 fish were…. probably 12″ waiver fish. The score today was 16 anglers, 24 fish caught, 1st place 12.1 lbs, Big Bass 7.6 lbs, total weight 38 lbs. Avg weight 1.58.

Carl Edwards 5.12 lbs  8/11/15  Tsala Apopka Chain

Carl Edwards 5.14 lbs
Tsala Apopka Chain Floral City 8/11/15

Carl Edwards, not NASCAR 19 Carl Edwards, but THEE Carl Edwards shows off his bass. That was his “kicker” fish….the other 4 failed to materialize. Carl’s 1 fish was large enough to give him 2nd place…. 5 anglers blanked….I had 2 squeakers that weighed 2.5….whoopee!



Steve Henderson


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