Charges Pending Against Property Owner Harassing Bassmaster Elite Angler

You’re on a lake fishing a bass tournament…’s you….nature….the bass….when some irate property owner decides you can’t fish public waters, hops in his boat and starts doing 360’s around you.  This happened on Aug 2, 2015 during the Bassmaster Elite tournament held in Waddington, NY on the St Lawrence River. The angler was Mark Menendez….this guy is the definition of cool, calm, & collected.

While Menendez was fishing the Bassmaster Elite tournament, competing for 1st place prize money of $100,000 plus,  allegedly a property owner on shore had words with Menendez about not wanting him to fish around his dock. The water isn’t owned by the property owner so it’s a perfectly legal area to fish. Menendez tried to explain that he wasn’t going to bother anything. The property owner pushed matters further by jumping into his boat and doing circles around Menendez…. Menendez’s boat marshal photoed the property owners behavior that is illegal in NY to harass an angler punishable by 15 days in jail & $250 fine.

Menendez filed a formal complaint with the NY State Environmental Conservation…. While the case is under investigation, State officials can’t comment….but 1 thing for sure, Menendez mentioned that he’s received overwhelming support. Once the outcome is known, it’ll be posted on here.

Unfortunate as it is to be subject to idiots, sometimes ya just gotta sit back & ask….are they aware what they’re doing isn’t right?

As for waterfront property owners, I’ve been there….used to upset me when someone would bury a hook in my dock & leave line dangling….but it never bothered me when they left a $12 crankbait.

  • Closer To Home 

Tournament director Bill Geans sent results of a club tournament held on Lake Rousseau, about 40 miles NW of The Villages, where 14 anglers fished on July 28 with slim results…. 1st place was Steve Naas 5/13.43 lbs….Naas also had Big Bass weighing 5.56 lbs….number of fish caught were 42….total weight was 70.43 lbs….average weight of 1.67 lbs. No word on what Naas used but I do know he likes to flip.

9 anglers, including me,  fished the Clermont Chain Aug 6 launching from Lake Minneola. Another slim “pickins”…. 9 fish caught with 1st place weight 5/11.1 lbs…. Big Bass 3.2 lbs…. average weight was 1.79 lbs….Donating as u$ual I never stuck a 14″  keeper. I heard punching mats & flippin was the key to success.

The Clermont Chain water level has risen dramatically in the past 2 years by at least 5 ft….Having fished this chain starting back in the early 70’s, when my parents lived on Minnehaha, I was shocked that it was drought stricken to the point where many lakes weren’t accessible by boat. That has all changed. Click on the link to see. Clermont Chain Water Level. This is updated daily.

My next scheduled outing is Aug 11 at Floral City. This place has been hit or miss for me but I’ll especially remember a bass I weighed in during a club tournament that was .03 hundreds shy of weighing 8 lbs. Big Bass pot was only paid out when 8 lbs or larger was brought to the scales.

  • Yep They’re Spraying

Lake County has been spraying recently in Venetian Gardens on Harris & Herlong Park on Griffin to control aquatic growth making it much easier for shore anglers. Also the canal, leading out to Griffin from Herlong Park, had that giant pad cutter go through & open up the canal making fish seek whatever remaining cover is available. Bass caught on plastic worms from 1.5 to 3 lbs have been reported.  Most all ramp areas are release zones for bass tournaments so keep that in mind.

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See you at the weigh-in


Steve Henderson


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