Village Ponds Are Hot

Bill Shelton and Randy Disanto are reporting good catches.

Bill says, “The pond is alive, at last. Since July 28th, I have caught 10 Bass and many Channel/Bullhead/Sunnys.  Seven of the Bass were 12-14 in. one was 3 lbs, one 3.3 lbs, and one 4.2 lbs.”  Bill said that most of the action was in the pond at the corner of Bailey Trail and Buena Vista Blvd., across from Miona Rec Center.  He also fished and caught at Poinciana Pond at the corner of St. Charles Place and Bailey Trail.  All Bass were caught on an ExoStick XT plastic worm, fished weightless on baitcasting gear. 

“The Cats were caught on hot dog chunks fished on the bottom.  Action was fast, so a good way for grandkids to catch and stay interested.”  He also caught one Bullhead on the worm.

Randy reported on August 4: “Fished the pond located at  the corner of Kim and Silver Oaks in the historic section; finished up at Venture Dr. [not in the historic section but single access is on Ventura Dr., not far from Del Mar Dr.  It is also called Lake Laguna.]  Caught 3 at Ventura on a swim jig with a houdini trailer, biggest was 2.5lbs…this ends the ‘dry spell’ for the last few days.”

And, another report from Randy: “Went back to Ventura  Dr tonight. Lost one on top water, possibly in the 5lb range, saw the whole fish when the explosion erupted……but manage to nail this one.  Love the swim jig and “Houdini” trailer. ventura 3 14 842015

This post is compiled from emails sent by Bill and Randy to the Fishing Report Group.  If you are not a member and would like to join so you can report and read about the fishing activity of other members, read about it on the Club website:

We’ve recently added a way to see all of the retention ponds in The Villages north of 466A.  Check it out at or just click here <—

Jerry Lester

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