Tsala Apopka – Griffin – ORLANDO?

The past couple of months “catching” has been rather slow….at least for this writer….tried everything….been several different places….even contemplated a new hair style….so much for that idea. Nothing seemed to help UNTIL I fished a tournament Tuesday at the Tsala Apopka Chain near Inverness….18 of us tested the waters….43 fish were brought to the scales….4 anglers had 5 fish limits….1st place was “ME” ….a whopping 10.54 lbs….Big Bass, not shown, weighed 4.24…. It’s common knowledge that anywhere from 9 to 11 lbs can win a tournament on the Tsala Apopka Chain.

3.5 lbs + Trick Worm & Toads &

7 lbs of bass that ate a Trick Worm & Toad at Tsala Apopka Chain 7/14/15 Winning Weight 10.54

I trapped this one caught 7/16/15 Griffin

I trapped (Gold Rattle Trap) this one caught 7/16/15 Griffin Weight 4.49










2nd cast of the morning produced this nice 4.49 pounder pictured above right….I thought the bite was on big time….and it was….for that split second….4 hours later I catch another 2 lb fish on a worm…..By the time I got run off the water due to weather I’d scraped up 2 more waiver fish & 2 dinks plus I’d lost 2.

Went to I Cast yesterday in Orlando with friend Don Millich. Don asked me 2 months ago if I’d be interested? I jumped at the opportunity. It’s an annual event when the fishing industry gets to show off their new items. The anglers you see on television were there representing their sponsors….all of them. I avoided acting like a paparazzi. The media that I saw had mic booms with cameras doing personal interviews….not quite as high tech as me with a cell phone….But I did manage to photo Balsax Fishing Lines & Products booth….Owner Paul Renaldo, is the importer & distributor. Balsax.com

Jessica of Balsax.com Premium Fishing Line

Jessica of Balsax.com
 Quality Fishing Line

Balsax.com Quality Fishing Line

Balsax.com Quality Fishing Line










Sorta pictured above with Jessica, LOOK CLOSE, is Mike Tacak on left with white sleeve, & Paul Elias with red white black jersey…..I tried to get them in the picture….I really did!

This happened to a tournament fisherman recently

The angler sets the hook on a 7 pound plus bass and swings it on board. Elated, he & his partner are exuberant & continue laughing and “man talking”….. The fish is placed in the livewell….moments later the 7 pound bass says enough of this & bolts from the livewell with such force that she opens the lid and flops around on the deck. Shocked upon what had just happened the angler jumps to capture the fish….HERE WE GO…… oh yeah it gets better….diving to get the fish the angler kicks his rod overboard to the tune of $400….sinking towards the bottom….BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE….he turns and bends over to grab for his rod when what falls from his shirt pocket???? You guessed it….his cell phone….awh shucks I won’t prolong the agony any longer….YEAH the fish flopped overboard too…..BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE….and had they not lost the 7 pounder they’d won the tournament. I’m sure that was a long ride home….





Steve Henderson




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