Let’s Play Hide & Go Seek

Back in “the day” WAY before microwave ovens, this used to be a fun game for kids….today a kid would track his opponents via cell phone or drone probably….at any rate locating bass this time of year plays out like this game….”You can hide but I’ll find you!” ….sometimes. Those good enough to accomplish this are in an elite group….and this writer isn’t one of them. Here’s some anglers that even though it’s a little warm outside – no it’s a lot warm outside – they still manage to find them – angler below got his from the shore!

Bill Shelton's Pond Bass

Bill Shelton’s Pond Bass

Summer Time Heat Feels Like 100

Summer Time Heat Feels Like 100

June 23rd I fished a small Rousseau tournament that I usually do nothing more than donate when I fish that lake….some thing$ never change….at lea$t on thi$ outing. There were 17 anglers, 60 fish caught, 1st place 5 weighing 23.23 with 2 bass that weighed 6.17 & 6.25. Congrats Tom Sarver….but wait….Sarver didn’t have Big Bass….Mac McConnell came in with a 7.37 fatty & also a very respectable 2nd place sack weighing 20.43….I will also mention that McConnell’s BB out weighed my 4 squeakers that I brought to the scales…. just for record.

Larry "Mac" McConnell's Rousseau Big Bass 7.37 Caught 6/23/15

Larry “Mac” McConnell’s Rousseau Big Bass 7.37
Caught 6/23/15

John Hendry, who’s a member of the Lakeland Bassmasters, was fishing his club tournament at Kissimmee on June 20-21 & placed 8th with a 2 day total of 25.70….Hendry had Big Bass for the event weighing 9.15 caught on a worm….WTG John….

John Hendry's 9.15 Caught 6/20/15 Kissimmee

John Hendry’s 9.15 Tournament Big Bass Caught 6/20/15 Kissimmee

This guy’s like a Timex watch….remember the commercials?….ah never mind….Wayne Barksdale, a Villager,  is a regular contributor and sent me this pic of a 9.2 oz bass that he’d caught with his wife fishing near Lakeland on June 18th….while Mrs. “B” is testing her new reel catching 2 to 4 pounders, Mr. “B” said she took pity on him & let him catch this Trophy Catch qualifier. Nice job as always Wayne….you have a knack for Big Bass….no doubt about it….. Barksdale tells me that it was a slooooow retrieve with a trick worm that enticed this girl.

Wayne Barksdale 9.2 Caught 6/18/15 With His Wife Near Lakeland

Wayne Barksdale 9.2 Caught 6/18/15 With His Wife Near Lakeland

So if you’re in the mood to play “Hide & Go Seek” let me know….These anglers were and they caught em…..  As for me – I just found drones as cheap as $79.99 on the i-net….camera not included….then I gotta learn to fly it….ad says easy enough for a 10 y/o….Someone know any 10 y/o’s that might want to teach me so I can go play Hide & Go Seek!?!?!

Steve Henderson

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