From Hernando to Harris & Beyond

June 9th tournament held on Hernando only had 11 boats entered….vacations, visiting family members, whatever the excuse was made for a short weigh-in….1st place was John Hendry that had 5 weighing 13.66….Hendry also had a Trophy Catch Qualifier Big Bass that weighed 9.72 that he caught mid morning on a fluke….that 1 fish weighed more than any other anglers 5 together….It’s common here to win a tournament with 9 to 11 pounds. Then there’s Don Millich that told me on June 4th he estimated his best possibly ever at Hernando with 20 lbs….tourny day he killed em’ (NOT) with a sack of 5 weighing 6.13. Total fish caught were 48.

John Hendry's Trophy Catch qualifier 9.72

John Hendry’s Trophy Catch Qualifier 9.72

Wayne Barksdale & son Jeff were drowning Magnum Trick Worms near Lakeland on Flag Day June 14 when Dad catches a nice 8 + only to be outdone by Son catching a 9 + …. Dad tells Son to be nice & remember Fathers Day is fast approaching. Jeff recently placed 4th in a 230 boat tournament with his brother Danny at KY Lake….it’s safe to say Dad taught em’ right! Not sure what color the Barksdale’s used but Junebug, Red Bud, Watermelon Red & Black are all FL favorite colors.

Wayne Barksdale 8 lb caught 6/14/15

Wayne Barksdale 8 lb caught 6/14/15

Jeff Barksdale caught 6/14/15 weight 9 +

Jeff Barksdale 9 plus lbs caught 6/14/15




115-025, Magnum Trick Worm, Green Pumpkin

Zoom Magnum Trick Worm


Rick Cope & some of his fishing buds have also been catching some dandy’s. Rick caught his on an assortment of baits using different techniques….or whatever works in most cases. Cope is no lightweight when it comes to weighing in Trophy Catch qualifiers either. Below you’ll see proof in the pudding….here’s some that Rick & his buddies have caught recently….Yeah – I said the same thing after seeing these….

Rick Cope starts off day with 7.6

Rick Cope starts off day with 7.6

Rick Cope 1 More Cast Fish Weighed 9.4

Rick Cope 1 More Cast Fish Weighed 9.4









The pics above were taken with Ricks brother-in-law also in the boat….So where’s bro-in-laws fish ???? did you front end him ???? The fish on the right was “Ah lets make another cast before we strap the rods down & head for home”….Great idea wouldn’t you agree!!!Hey folks it doesn’t stop here.

Below pictured is Cope with 2 fish that he caught 3 casts apart from each other….he told his buddy Larry, after catching the first fish, “Lets put it in the livewell & see if we can catch another for a picture!” That’s where the 3 casts later came into play…. the single fish Cope caught flippin heavy cover with a 1.5 oz weight….Cope said “It’s hard to feel the bite but not when they come out weighing 8.1 lbs.”…. Lets face it….the guy is livin’ right….

Livin' Right !

Livin’ Right !

Rick Cope Flippin Fish 8.1

Rick Cope Flippin Fish 8.1









As for the rest of us …. or just  speaking for myself …. I just sit back & drool. You don’t accidentally snag this size on a regular basis. These guys aren’t just lucky….they’re good! Remember their success is from spending time on the water….and not sitting on your azz writing about it….like me!

And to all the Dads – Happy Fathers Day

Steve Henderson


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