Is Bigger Better? Barksdale Shows The Positive Results

There’s an old saying that “elephants eat peanuts”  but do smaller lures catch larger fish? Maybe but regular contributor on here, Wayne Barksdale, proves that this may not be the case.

Wayne Barksdale 10.7 lbs Wainter Haven Chain Caught 5/28/15 Magnum Trick Worm

Wayne Barksdale 10.7 lbs
Winter Haven Chain Caught 5/28/15 Magnum Trick Worm

Barksdale used a Magnum Trick Worm to catch this nice 10 lb 7 oz giant on May 28 while he and his wife were fishing the Winter Haven Chain. Barksdale said that they’d caught several bass but this bad girl was his best of the day. If you’re a follower on here, you’ll notice that this is the 2nd time in a week that Barksdale has caught a Trophy Bass Qualifier. This fish moves into the Trophy Club category (10.00 to 12.99 lbs) and will get you the following:

Trophy Club Prizes


  • Gift Cards worth $150 (Bass Pro Shops, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and/or Rapala)
  • Bass King long-sleeve shirt*
  • SpiderWire Stealth 30# Moss Green line 300 yds*
  • Fitzgerald Rods 40% product discount*
  • Phoenix Bass Boat random drawing 10 extra chances
  • TrophyCatch certificate + Trophy Club decal

*Season-3 prizes one product or discount provided per angler, per club level.

Wayne Barksdale Caught this 8.10 pounder at 1:30 In Lakeland FL 5/21/15

Wayne Barksdale Caught this 8.10 pounder at 1:30 In Lakeland FL 5/21/15


As a follow-up to Barksdales  recently caught tagged fish that was shown on here, FWC officials informed him that the fish was shocked up last Feb & weighed 8.13 lbs…..roamed about 50 yards from where it was caught, tagged, & released…. FWC mentioned that this is typical of most all Trophy Bass….So remember where you caught that “Trophy” several months ago????? It may pay off dividends big time upon your next visit to the same area.




NOTE: To join Trophy Catch go to the top of the page & click on TrophyCatch….you’ll then be directed to the web site.

Steve Henderson


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