Looking for a guide?

Family member or friend coming to visit and you want to make sure, or at least, stand a better chance of catching some Florida Bass?  These folks contacted me to ask if we’d give them a plug.

The Village Angler is a family owned and operated, full-time guide service, catering especially to the Villages, hence the namesake.  My son built the site, and serves as its webmaster. I’m the listed owner/manager of the business, and my husband is the senior on-staff guide, coordinating all field activities.
The site was structured, in part, to serve as an information source for the Central Florida (Villages) fishing public, much like that of your site, to assist fishermen in their quest for “lake info” on the lakes that dot the Lake, Marion, and Sumter County landscapes. We have limited the listing to those lakes mainly served by our staff.
You can access the site by clicking on “Villageangler.com“. Navigation thru the site is simple; perusing same will hopefully answer any/all general questions that you might have about us.
Thank you in advance for you attention to our listing matter. I look forward to hearing from you.
Tight Lines,
Delores Laman
I looked at the website and it is very comprehensive.  Lots of good information.  Check it out.
Jerry Lester
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