Honey I’m Going Fishing – You Wanna Tag Along ???

Sunday morning Apr 12 as I’m driving to the Harris Chain I’m watching listening to Bassmaster “LIVE” from Guntersville on my phone. Ike is leading the tournament with several anglers on his heals specifically 2 California guys, Skeet Reese & Byron Velvick, throwing swimbaits the size of many bass this writer has been catching recently. They’re off shore, which is one of my favorite ways to fish, instead of beating the bank….and THEY’RE CATCHING GIANTS!!! Color me there….well not there but off shore in Harris someplace with hydrilla….I headed to some spots that USED TO BE LOADED with vegetation….well guess what??? It’s gone! As I idled around in search of other cover I hear a “woo hoo” text sound on my phone & see that my neighbor Stan Lippian has just sent me pics of a monster bass being held by his wife Gloria….I think COOL….at least someone is catching them.

Gloria's 4.62

Gloria’s 5.12

I acknowledge Stan’s text saying awesome fish & WTG Gloria….jealousy is settling in as I look several more times at Gloria’s bass…. Back at it I start throwing a swimbait into the next county & retrieve slow enough in hopes of coming in contact with a green fish that may be hiding in vegetation when all of a sudden another text from Stan….It’s Gloria holding 2 more dandy’s.

Gloria Lippian 3.96 & 4.29

Gloria Lippian 3.96 & 4.29

Okay so they’re catching fish on the Harris Chain….that’s all I know….They’re throwing baits made of plastic & rubber….NOW we’re getting someplace….NOT! ….I send a message back to Stan asking if he could be specific…..an hour has passed when “woo hoo”….that’s my text sound again….I’m thinking, “I’m trying to fish here!!!” I open the text and see Gloria holding another fish…. This time it’s a Trophy Catch qualifier that weighed 8.17….

Glorias Trophy Catch 8.17

Glorias Trophy Catch 8.17

My jealousy vanished when I saw Gloria holding her first Trophy Catch bass….This was a great day for team Husband & Wife ….They seldom fish together & Sunday was a banner day especially for Gloria with size & numbers….after talking to Stan later on Sunday evening, he was ecstatic about the days results…. But he failed to mention one thing….how many HE caught…. For sure though when your wife is happy!!! Everybody is happy!!!

Now if I can just get my wife to go with me….maybe my results will improve….so much for that idea.

Ultravibe Worms by Zoom or Bitters Vibe worked today along with a 1.5 Square Bill.

018-001, Ultravibe Speed Worm, Black Red

KVD 1.5 Shallow

See ya on the water

Steve Henderson


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