FWC Public Meeting At Tavares Pavilion, March 19, 2015

Fellow Webmaster, Steve Henderson and I , went to the Florida Wildlife Commission show-and-tell at Tavares Pavilion on Thursday, March 19.  The pavilion is located at the end of a pier on Lake Dora, a beautiful site. DSCN0648

We met up with our FWC friends, Marty Hale and Dustin Everitt.  (BTW,  the images are stamped a 2015/03/14, which is incorrect.  I failed to correct the date watermark in the software I used to process.)Marty Hale, Our Steve Henderson, and

There is a video of the  contact we had with the FWC. 

The ordeal was very strenuous, so Steve and I visited one of the appealing waterfront cafes after the meeting.

I will mention that all of this trip was done at no cost to The Villages Freshwater Fishing Club. DSCN0661 It is just our pleasure to do it to inform local fishermen of what is going on as part of our effort to provide a superior website of local fishing activities, while enjoying ourselves.

Our picture taking server.

Our picture taking server.

Jerry Lester

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