You Shoulda Been Here Yesterday or WTH Happened ?

Stan Lippian & I went to Lake Griffin on Thursday with the idea of “it’d be nice to get bit”…. We weren’t out pre-fishing or anything but just wanted to wet a line. We both bass fish much alike & have competed in hundreds of tournaments over the years. Stan’s won many…. I’m still donating entry fees…. Anyway we started around 0800 at the north end of Griffin pitchin creature baits & worms…. Results were  less than spectacular size wise but at least we got our strings stretched catching 8 keepers…. After 3 hours we changed location & headed to a shallow flat that had plenty of vegetation for these over grown bluegil family fish to hide.

Stan started throwing a worm & I grabbed my spinning rod with a fluke. Stan hooks up with a typical 1.5 lb bass similar to what we’d caught earlier….then shortly there after he sticks a hog, hawg, pig, giant whatever you want to call it. Of course I’ve got the net buried….I mean we’re not fishing a tournament why bother?!?!? Then I saw the fish….as it danced wildly on her tail then came at the boat Stan said “GET IT”!!!! I scooped the net down low under the fish & said “She came off”. All he knew was his line went limp…. nothing worse than having limp line….hmmm…. moving right along…. you shoulda seen his face because seconds later I raised the net with his fish. Weight 6.32 Yeah Baby….

Stan Lippian 6.32  Lake Griffin 2/12/15

Stan Lippian 6.32
Lake Griffin 2/12/15

We both laughed & high 5’d but soon got back at it. Still throwing my fluke & Stan the worm we continue to catch legal fish when I said “Uh Oh”…. this is big….The fish jumped & shook her head….we were thinking over 8 easy…. I’M thinking stay down fool…. after a few tense moments Stan nets the fish & I look in her mouth & touch the hook & watch it fall out…. Yeah buddy I’m a livin right 🙂 …. Weight 7.12

Caught 2/12/15 Griffin 7.12

Caught 2/12/15
Griffin 7.12

Both of us satisfied with the action we continue to keep on keepin on…. it aint broke so don’t fix it…. throwing the same stuff and catching a few more keepers when Stan says “there’s one” & sets the hook on another bass. Again we have a jumper…. this time a little smaller but still a nice fish. Weight 4.83

Stan Lippian 4.83 Caught 2/12/15 Lake Griffin

Stan Lippian 4.83
Caught 2/12/15
Lake Griffin

We had a great bite between 1330 & 1500….wind gusts were as high as 21 mph – did I mention I love my Power Pole ?? water temps were 63 & change…. total keeper fish caught for the day…. Stan 12…. me…. hell I don’t remember what I ate for breakfast but I’d guess 10.

  • Dade City Bass Club held their tournament on Saturday at Griffin. 9 Boats, 23 fish caught, 1st place 14.8 on Rattle Traps…. 2nd place 12.8 Flippin??…. 3rd place 9.0 Worm
  • Got a call from a friend Rex Patton from Jacksonville telling me he’s got a tournament this weekend 2/14 & 2/15 on the Harris Chain with IBEW Local 177. Well gang ya mighta wanna came earlier.

Sunday at Rex’s weigh-in I took some pictures of some dejected anglers that for the most part didn’t turn out…. sorry Kelly Moody I wasn’t able to show your point four five…. yes 0.45 ounce fish that was eligible to split the $100 small fish pot. Kelly tied with another angler. Congrats to Ed Scholl for his nice catch? And thanks Ed for having the testicular fortitude to have your picture taken…. that IS a braggin fish.

Ed Scholl IBEW 177 Weight 0.54

Ed Scholl IBEW 177
Weight 0.54

I wish I had better results to report but the results for this club were quite dismal for 2 days:

8 Boats…. 12 Anglers…. 34 fish caught….

1st Place Ken Hillyard 16.82 lbs

Big Bass Phil Brown 3.29 lbs

6 Limits in 2 days

Only 8 fish weighed in day 2



As mentioned previously – you guys & gals needed to be here earlier to reap the benefits of catching fish like Rick Cope & Marty Martinez. But guess what…. they weren’t fishing a tournament either. WTG guys especially Marty with his Trophy Catch Qualifier.

Rick Cope 6.50 Caught 2/11/15  Lake Monroe

Rick Cope 6.8 lbs
Caught 2/11/15
Lake Monroe

Marty Martinez Caught 2/11/15  Lake Butler

Marty Martinez 9.7 lbs
Caught 2/11/15
Lake Butler










And Rex I’ll text you a picture of some of those fish that were shook off you mentioned. You REALLY don’t want to see them do you?? I didn’t think so 🙂

In closing as good as Stan Lippian & I did on 2/12, I took a guest to the same location on 2/13 throwing an assortment of baits only to catch 6 squeakers. My guest blanked. I’ll try again tomorrow or maybe I shoulda been here 3 yesterdays ago.

Steve Henderson

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