10-lb, 9-oz Largemouth Bass Caught By Kentuckian, Bruce Gover, On Griffin

Bruce Gover, a kayak fisherman from Kentucky, who also has a home in Eagle’s Nest on Lake Griffin, abandoned his kayak to fish with long-time friend, Steve Pumphrey on a cloudy, warm day, December 3o, 2014.  Steve caught 3 on crankbaits and Bruce caught one on a Rapala X- Rap Prop. BUT, Bruce’s was a monster 10-lb, 9-oz fish.

Click on a picture to enlarge.

I had kayaked fished with Bruce the previous day and we had just one bite and no fish in the boat.  I was not surprised.  As is said, “What a difference a day makes.”  I can only tell you, this monster Bass was caught in the river.

I was there for the “weigh-in and made this video.  I think you’ll find it entertaining.

Bruce reads this website regularly and made reference to the visit by Grigsby and Scoggins and the “Red Phillips” knot that Scoggins showed us and I documented in a video with the post.  Bruce said he had used the Red Phillips knot and wondered if it would hold.  He had joined 30-lb braid to a 17-lb flourocarbon leader using the knot on a spinning outfit. Yes, Mr. Scoggins, it is a good knot.

Jerry Lester

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