8 Days – 9 Lakes – Results

Lake Harris Venetian Gardens

Lake Harris Venetian Gardens

My Sparta, Ky friend, Rick Cayton, came for a fishing visit while the folks north of the Mason-Dixon line are going thru some heavy duty weather change…..While here WE also went thru a cold snap that dropped water temps back in the upper 50’s with little rebound. Did the bite slow? Uh yeah I’d say…..Here’s where we fished….Griffin, Big Harris, Weir, Little Harris, Eustis, Dora, Deaton, Miona, & Okhumpka….not necessarily in that order…..

Rick Cayton Nov 2014

Rick Cayton Nov 2014

The lures used were plastic, metal, copper, stainless…..you get the idea….we threw a little bit of everything but were constantly on the move & searching different lakes. Did any one lake produce phenomenally – no – but but we at least got bit….& it sure beat hell out of 5″ of snow when Rick left the Cincinnati Airport.

IMG_1492MA30439821-0001There was 1 lure that produced better than others & it was a slooow rolled spinnerbait with a #5 copper willow blade. Rick was short struck at the boat many times & didn’t even have a chance to play the fish with less than a rod length of line out.

Rick Cayton Nov 2014

Rick Cayton Nov 2014


Rick did catch a decent “braggin” bass during his visit making both of us happy. Rick launched a toad toward some pads & upon his retrieve the water exploded….missed it….we both said that was a pig….Rick fired back & made a crank when bang – pause pause slam it home….the Zoom Horny Toad scored again….the results are shown with a 6.27 pounder.

Rick Cayton Nov 2014 Caught on Toad 6.27

Rick Cayton Nov 2014
Caught on Toad 6.27

Like all vacations they’re much too short. Hated to see my buddy go but we both fish & talk often. One thing for sure, although my guiding had a lot to be desired, the camaraderie was priceless….I always look forward to spending time on the water with my friend no matter what the results.

Steve Henderson

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