It All Begins Here

What a beautiful fall morning with temp at 68 deg & high to be mid 80’s….light winds….front approaching….bass oughta eat. Keyword “oughta”.

I headed to Lake Griffin to launch at Herlong Park, more commonly known as the train ramp, in Leesburg. Upon arrival I noticed a man with a toddler fishing from the shore. I asked the man if I could take a picture? He said yes.

3 y/o Waylon Padget & Step Dad Trying Their Luck

3 y/o Waylon Padget & Step Dad Dan Bednarz
Trying Their Luck

Fast forward 14 months at the same location with same scenario….I’m backing down the ramp to launch the boat & notice a man & youngster on the dock. I said good morning gentlemen and apologized if I messed up their fishing. As I slid the boat off the trailer I looked at the 2 and thought “Didn’t I take a picture of them before?” I later searched on my phone & sure enough….there they were.

I approached the man & introduced myself again & Dan Bednarz remembered me & said, “I thought you were going to put the picture in the paper”? I can only submit it….can’t make em print it….

Master Waylon Padget  Angler Extraordinare

Master Waylon Padget
Angler Extraordinaire

Much credit is given to Master Waylon’s Step-Dad, Dan Bednarz of Fruitland Park, on teaching young Waylon how to fish. It’s sad that more parents don’t share the angling outdoors with their children. Below is a picture of the results that will be cherished all his life. Picture taken by Bednarz that’s sure to be a classic.

Waylon Padget hugs 5# Bass


And did I catch any today?….Who cares

Steve Henderson


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