Clouds….Instability….Al Gore….= H2O> + Boat Ramp Access

 Correction: AL GORE

….I know it sounds like we’re catching the same fish every time…. but it’s amazing what a difference a year or 2 makes….lets hope that between now & our next rainy season we receive a little precip to lessen the evaporation rate.

I’ve been reporting that most of the lake levels are up in central Florida….but there’s few, such as Yale, that’s an exception to the rule….seeing something on the web about an overflow pipe in Yale….I’ve contacted FWC  & if they can provide some answers….look for it here. Much of the Harris Chain is up to the medium range of preferred water level.

Below are pics (click pic to enlarge) of water levels at Lake Deaton….access & grounds are maintained by the City of Wildwood. Although nicely manicured I contacted City officials 2 years ago asking them if they would remove the build-up, not pictured, at the boat ramp canal from power loading boats on trailers. A fix would have been a backhoe operated by any savvy good ol boy to take 5 minutes to smooth out the area…. After at least 3 attempts to get a reply I received notice that “It wasn’t figured in our budget”….BS! So I prayed for rain….and “The Villages” to quit capturing every drop of rain for grass & retention ponds…. I guess I’m still in good graces with the “Big Guy”….results are below.

Lake Deaton  July 2012

Lake Deaton
July 2012

Lake Deaton Water Level October 2014

Lake Deaton Water Level
October 2014

Local fish reports have been anything but phenomenal unless you’re fishing Kingsley….anglers there have been catching (30-50) seasonal schoolers 12-14″ & then an occasional bragger….but at least they’re getting bit.

As for Deaton….The Villages Freshwater Fishing Club member Bill Davidson told me that he’d caught 10 bass from Deaton recently….hmmm….peaking my interest I went to Deaton last Wednesday & caught 12-15 total on an assortment….toad, speedworm, lipless, jerkbaits….only caught 1 legal keeper on a spinnerbait much like the anglers fishing Kingsley…. I never stuck anything worth bragging about. Saw 2 other boats. Wasn’t a puff of wind. 1 thing for sure is the lake is 50% covered with lily pads.

Water temps are dropping….lets hope the levels don’t.

NOTE: Six hours after posting, I received a call from Fisheries Resource Manager Dennis Renfro saying, “The reason Yale, Apopka, and the Harris Chain are still low, is because over the past 5 years there’s been a 60 inch deficit of rain”. Renfro also mentioned the outflow at Moss Buff, located at the north end of Lake Griffin, has been closed for 2 years. “The aquifer has just not replenished itself. ”

The only boat launch access is a trailer park on Lake Yale for residents only. Renfro said that the lake is hardly navigable unless you use an airboat or mudbug.

Steve Henderson

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