It’s Not As Easy As It Looks

Second mortgage approved to gas up truck & boat….check….rain suit & too much tackle loaded….check….ice & snacks….check….toilet paper….hmmm  We’re off to Hernando to prefish a tournament….I feel it already….my fun meter is gonna get pegged today.

Once at the ramp, that’s surprisingly loaded for a weekday, the boat slid in the water, truck parked,  the Opti Max starts….there is a God….I look at the sun popping up, it’s 0725, & head to an area I’d never fished. 3 different topwaters rigged & slung vigorously for the next 90 minutes. WTF over….not even a bump. Very little movement of any kind.

bass fish photo: lindsay's fish bigfish004.jpg

Lets try plastics….I like throwing Paca Craws in watermelon red….4/0 Gama hook with screw eye & 1/16th oz weight on 50 lb braid. Slow methodical presentations to pads, grass, points….even tried swimming it under the surface ever so gently & then splash….a giant 10″ bass is launched airborne to the opposite side of the boat. My guestimate was 10″ because it kept going. At least I got bit. Am I onto something???? I rared back & launch that Paca Craw towards Daytona Beach some 80 miles away only to look at my spool explode into the damnedest backlash….YGBSM….If you don’t know what this means ask your grand kids…. I didn’t even try to take it out.  By this time it’s 0945….got to be something in my arsenal that will entice these fish. I went through too many baits to list. I did manage to scrape up 4 squeakers that may have gone 4 1/2 lbs total on Zoom Utravibe Speed Worms in watermelon red. I kept at it until 1300 & had enough.

My synopsis for the fun filled 5.5 hrs that I spent out there was this….No matter WHAT you have to feed these fish, they’ll only eat when they want to.

Once back at the ramp I talked to a couple others….1 guy caught 2 on a toad & his largest was 3+ lbs….another guy mentioned he caught 4 on a Senko that may have measured 11 to 13 inches….I’ve got a tournament here in another week…. A lot can change by then….stock market….my waist size….gas prices.

Went home & watched Bill Dance. He ALWAYS catches them.

Steve Henderson

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