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It All Begins Here

What a beautiful fall morning with temp at 68 deg & high to be mid 80’s….light winds….front approaching….bass oughta eat. Keyword “oughta”. I headed to Lake Griffin to launch at Herlong Park, more commonly known as the train ramp, in … Continue reading

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Clouds….Instability….Al Gore….= H2O> + Boat Ramp Access

 Correction: AL GORE ….I know it sounds like we’re catching the same fish every time…. but it’s amazing what a difference a year or 2 makes….lets hope that between now & our next rainy season we receive a little precip … Continue reading

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Good….Better….You’re NOT Serious Are YOU

It’s bad enough when you’re fishing with or against someone & they catch a HUGE fish…. that almost weighs as much…. or MORE…. than the 5 you’ve got in the box to take to the scales….I’ve had this happen more … Continue reading

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HERnando – Tsala Apopka Lake Results

October 14, on Tsala Apopka Lake in Hernando, 16 anglers competed in a monthly bass tournament….mostly for bragging rights & a little bit of ca$h.  The morning started out with flashes of lightning in the pre-dawn being seen out in … Continue reading

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Florida Trophy Catch

The club Program Chairman, Steve Henderson, invited FWC to present on the Florida Trophy Catch Program: Biologist, Marty Mann and Trophy Catch Program head, KP Clements presented.   Jerry Lester

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It’s Not As Easy As It Looks

Second mortgage approved to gas up truck & boat….check….rain suit & too much tackle loaded….check….ice & snacks….check….toilet paper….hmmm  We’re off to Hernando to prefish a tournament….I feel it already….my fun meter is gonna get pegged today. Once at the ramp, … Continue reading

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