Does it seem like we are getting a lot of rain

“A lot of rain” means more than normal.  What is normal?  Fortunately, the Southwest Water Management District keeps records on such things for our area.  A good place to begin is  But, there is so much data available that it is bewildering.

The “Rainfall Summary Data by Region” has links to data in spreadsheet format.  Ugh, you say.  I know, but this is an example of August rainfall data for counties of interest and it comes from the link “Monthly rainfall by counties.”

2014-09-24 11_32_26-cnty[35] (1).xls - LibreOffice Calc

What?!  Rainfall for August was below Mean?  You don’t believe it?  Nor does my wife, whose golfing activities are routinely rained out.  “I’ve never seen so much rain!”  But, we are all accustomed to the arid conditions of recent years.  Just look at the rainfall data.

If you would  rather read a textual presentation:

  1. Start at the SWFWMD Home Page
  2. Click on “Weather and Hydrology” 2014-09-24_13-40-35
  3. Arrive at this page: 2014-09-24_13-45-10

Clicking on the “July 2014” link takes you to this report: 2014-09-24_13-57-46 and provides everything you’d ever want to know: 2014-09-24_14-00-45

Happy researching: zzzzzzzz.

Jerry Lester

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