They Want Me To Give It Away

Recently I attended an evening of live entertainment, dancing, & drink with my wife & a gentleman recognized me…. we started talking fish…. imagine that ….What better time, I thought…. He says he can’t catch these Florida bass…. I hear it all too often….He says, “In North Dakota I use”….I pulled out my phone & showed him pics of fish & lures asking if he’d ever used these type of baits….then asked if he had a boat….He said, “I sold the boat but want another”….I asked soooo what’s the problem? I have a cabin “up north” & need to sell it….He says he could have sold it long ago but people want me to give it away….I thought for a second…. this guy has been here possibly decades before tv’s hit the market….Me, in my eloquent manner, asked WTF ya gonna do….take it with you? He answered, “good point….”

The Start Of Success

The Start Of Success


Look ….we’re here on borrowed time….the next spawn is around the corner….Sure I’d like to participate in that ritual for eternity….but you need to put things into perspective. A must read is Don Barone’s article on….The Escanaba Wind

Give the damn place away.

Steve Henderson




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