Bass Tournament Cheaters Found Guilty & Jailed

On April 22, 2014 two Lake Guntersville, AL anglers were witnessed removing fish from a net & placing them in their boat during a bass tournament. Yesterday, after a non-jury trial, Gary Lee Minor Jr. of Albertville, AL & Robert Scott Gillaspie of Boaz, AL were found guilty of theft by deception & tampering with a sporting event.  They were led off to Marshall County jail but may post $1,000 appeal bond causing the case to go to trial during such time that they have to give up their hunting & fishing licenses pending trial outcome.

minor and gillaspie.jpg

Both men were given a 1 yr suspended jail sentence provided they spend 30 days behind bars, 2 years probation, $1,000 fine plus court cost, & 400 hours of community service.

You hear about cheating going on in events but rarely hear the outcome when caught. I’m curious if they’ll go to trial….they’ll have to pull a rabbit out of a net  hat to get through this one.

Steve Henderson


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