Floral City Wasn’t Flourishing For Many In The Tsala Apopka Chain

Floral City Boat Docks

Floral City Boat Docks

Road To Floral City Ramp

Road To Floral City Ramp

The Tsala Apopka Chain stretches from Floral City to Inverness to Hernando by means of canals with water control dams from the Withlacoochee River. Once it leaves Hernando most runs back into the Withlacoochee River.

Bill Geans, director of Dun-Workin-Bass-Club, had 21 anglers fish Floral City on Tue Sep 9th. The biggest hassle fishing this lake is the parking. If you’re one of the first 4 to arrive….no problem. Anything after that you have to walk 150-200 yds to the overflow lot. Not fun finding your way back to the ramp when it’s dark. Other than that this lake is beautiful. Even the drive is picturesque.


Sure To Cure Your Ills Anger Management

Sure To Cure Your Ills
Anger Management

John Hendry  2 of 5 Good enough for 3rd

John Hendry 2 of 5
Good enough for 3rd

Now to the fishing….fishing was great….catching sucked…. I have hit home runs here & struck out more than once. My first time here 5 years ago I used a Zoom red bud trick worm on 8 lb test mono & caught at least 20 bass within eye shot of the ramp. Problem was they were all 13-14″ squeakers. Another time when fishing a tournament here I caught a 7.97 lb bass on a lipless crankbait. I thought GREAT until I got to the weigh-in & realized I missed the 8 lb big bass pot by .03 lbs. The fish had regurgitated every bit of that amount inside the live-well.

Tuesday I started out with a buzzbait. After an hour I switched to a speedworm…nope….how about a lipless crankbait….nope….paca crawl….senko….WTH over….Spinnerbait I thought….I had a white & chartreuse spinnerbait with 4 blades on the arm simulating bait fish. I tied it on & targeted points, weed lines, & boat docks.

 3/8 oz Spinnerbait Quad Blades

3/8 oz Spinnerbait Quad Blades

By 0930 I had 4 in the box. That 5th fish was no where to be found by 1200….quitting time. I knew I had over 10 lbs but doubted I had enough to win. I was wrong.

(L) Me & Bill Genes 1st Place Always Good

(L) Me & Bill Genes
1st Place Always Good


My 4 fish weighed 10.98 with  big bass 4.39….2nd place closest to me had 10.73 lbs.

Tournament results are as follows: 21 anglers, 35 fish, 1st place, 10.98 lbs, Big Bass 4.39, there were four 5 fish limits, 10 anglers blanked.

I pulled off a win along with big bass. Life is good.


Steve Henderson



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