Lake Rousseau On The Rebound?


All bodies of water have a feast or famine activity period and Tuesdays results of a local bass tournament at Rousseau fit the bill. There were 15 anglers that fished from 0630 to 1200. The catchin’ was dismal at best. Of the 15 anglers …. 6 blanked…. none had a 5 fish limit…. and it only took 4 fish weighing 5.13 lbs, caught by Roger Tolbert, to come in 1st place. Big Bass was 4 lbs caught by Carol Naas….only 20 bass were caught. These weights reminded me of fishing the Ohio River for almost 30 years. Has Rousseau shut down?…. nah …. Fishing reports from farther south at the Stick Marsh tell the same story that it has also slowed & if they’re not biting there well…….then again you can always go fish the Harris Chain where it took 22 lbs to win an open tournament Aug 23rd. Yep – I’ll see ya on Harris….maybe.

Steve Henderson

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