Lake Tsala Apopka – How To Pronounce & Fish

FWC lists Lake Tsala Apopka, pronounced (SAH-luh uh-POP-kuh) as 19,111 acres of heavily vegetated shallow marshes & water pools from Hernando, Inverness, & Floral City. This area has received plenty of rain elevating the lake & producing a whole new fishery, if you care to explore in a bass boat.

Tuesdays exploration was accomplished by 19 anglers who fished a small local tournament launching from Eden Park public boat ramp AKA as Little Lake Spivey  ramp.

Pre-dawn skies were full of lightning in the gulf and of course it was heading inland. Tournament start time was 0630….rain start time was shortly thereafter.


Did it make a difference?….a few quit….a few hid (me) until the lightning subsided….did the fish bite? Not so much….of the 19 anglers there were 28 fish caught….3 anglers weighed in 5 fish limits….Big Bass was caught by Foy Underwood weighing 7.6 lbs. Underwood wasn’t giving up catching info but he has been known to favor the late Top Water Charlies favorite bait “Devils Horse”. This was to be Underwoods only fish.

Foy Underwood 7.6 lbs

Foy Underwood 7.6 lbs

First place was this writer with 5 fish that weighed 9.7 lbs. I caught my fish on 2 baits….toad & spinnerbait concentrating on pads & grass.  When I made a pass down an area and caught a fish I’d turn around and fish the same area again. Sometimes persistency pays off. In my case it did.

Black Toad Strikes Again

Black Toad Strikes Again

Steve Henderson


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