Little Brother is watching

I monitor the water level in Lake Miona by reading the gage pole near the ramp.  I have readings going back to 2002.  Last year I found the same information on SWFWMD web site.  I compared my readings to theirs and they agreed until this year when I noticed that SWFWMD data showed higher readings than mine by almost a foot.  Recent inquiries to the water management district resulted in this response:

The District is currently upgrading the vertical datum (zero point surveys use to determine elevations).  On February 17th 2014 the staff gage you read was adjusted to the new standard. To determine what the old water level is ADD 0.89 ft to what the gauge currently reads and this will give you elevations in the old vertical datum. For more information about the vertical datum upgrade visit:

So, I’ve been reading a gage that was raised 0.89 feet in February, making my readings that much too low by the old standard.


The good news is that the water level is above 50, almost 51, by the standard that I’m accustomed to.  I couldn’t understand how we getting so much rain and not getting an increase in lake level. (I had noticed that the water was up on the ramp and well shoreward of the small boat dock, which was contrary to the gage reading. It was a “puzzlement”.)

You say, “So, what?  The water level is what it is.”  And, you are right, of course.

Jerry Lester

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