It Was Bound To ALMOST Happen

I decided to go to Lake Griffin Tuesday morning. Upon arrival I realized that I’d left my camera & stand at home. Sure the cell phone works but if I catch a GIANT I need a certified full length picture of the bass hanging from a scale. Tough to do with cell phone…. at arms length….I thought screw it….I’m not running back to the house….beside’s, the sky was getting dark & storms were on the move.

Hiding From Storm

Hiding From Storm

I’d thrown a half dozen different colored lipless baits with only 1 fish & lost it at the boat. I only got to fish about an hour and headed for cover when I saw threatening clouds & lightning…..I didn’t want to become a statistic. 

After what seemed like an eternity, I slid out from the boat slip I was hiding in & targeted some pads on the adjacent shoreline….Where’s my black toad?…I thought….I’ve caught some nice bass with a toad & know a friend that loves using them year round to catch some giants to include an over 14 lber 3-4 years ago from Orange Lake before it drained. Respectable Keeper

Respectable Keeper

First hits I got were probably long nosed toothy critters. They’d hit the toad & rip off a leg….I went through a bag before I connected with a bass that I launched completely over the boat….Good ol’ 65 lb braid…..1 problem….the bass kept going. A keeper – eh maybe. I did stick the next 1 & it weighed a whole 2.87 lbs….no giant but respectable.  I put on another black toad and threw to some pads that were laying flat on the surface unlike the others that were sticking up out of the water. The cast was about 40 ft when slurp….okay it was somewhat more dramatic than that….I paused for a second & set the hook into a good one. Next thing was to keep it up & out of the pads….and I did. I reached down & stuck my hand in her mouth and brought her on board.

At first I thought “Trophy Catch”!!! It figures & I don’t have my camera & stand….only my trusty cell phone. I put the scales to her & after seeing the bass weighed 7.29, I realized I was a disappointedly .71 lbs short. The bass was quickly photo’d to the best I could do & released. I scraped up another keeper bass that weighed 1.69….then thunder again. Outa here……

Lake Griffin Toad Bass 7.29

Lake Griffin
Toad Bass 7.29

I’d have shown you a decent picture if I’d brought my camera & stand. Maybe, just MAYBE next time I’ll not forget it….then again I’ll probably not get a giant either.

Steve Henderson

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