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The names have been witheld to protect – ah the hell with em….you know who you are. And at the end of each one insert “Here’s Yur Sign”!

Here's Yur Sign

Here’s Yur Sign


  1. Family camping weekend….husband drives to boat ramp, maiden voyage & launches boat, his wife drives back to campground with boat trailer. While parking tow vehicle, next to mobile home, she’s quickly reminded that you have to take wide turns when towing a trailer. New boat trailer was partially jammed underneath mobile home.
  2. A skilled tradesman backs his F-150 down the ramp & climbs out to disconnect the bow. The 5 speed transmission doesn’t hold well in ??? gear….unless you apply the emergency brake. Out of the vehicle he goes & the rig starts toward the water. Truck was submerged….bow still attached to trailer winch but back end of boat floating.
  3. Angler returning to ramp upon arrival notices boat sunk at ramp. People standing around & angler offers to assist “NOVICE”. NOVICE advised to get his trailer & back it into the water far enough where they could get the strap attached to the bow eye & slowly back the trailer down underneath the boat & winch boat back on trailer at same time. Sounds like a plan….and it worked. Boat sank because NOVICE had drain plug for cooler stuck in livewell pump hole.
  4. Popular annual tournament drawing over 450 boats for charitable event….bass boat sitting in water tied to dock with life jackets floating & tackle boxes underwater. Automatic bilge pumps….not on this boat….drain plug in???? you be the judge.
  5. 23′ Cuddy Cabin Chris Craft owner, while sitting on the boat ramp, realized that it’s not smart to disconnect bow cable/chain until you get in/near the water ESPECIALLY if trailer has rollers. Owner called 1-555-lift-me….waited for tow truck….
  6. Automated anchor systems, Power Pole & Minn Kota Talon, are the latest must have options….Boaters need to remember to place anchor systems in stowed position upon backing inside & leaving most garages. What was that noise?
  7. Boaters need to bring automated anchor systems back to the full up position in preparation of departing anchored location….THUS preventing total destruction of automated mechanism, it’s bracket, boat transom, & prop. Estimated cost of repair $3200.
  8. After vertically draining water from outboard lower unit, ensure outboard is in tilted position when backing into driveway, preventing skeg damage. 

A little common sense & and the old saying haste makes waste….just be careful out there & if you see someone that’s having issues whether at the ramp or wherever, instead of giving them hell ya may wanna just give em a sign.

Steve Henderson

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