Sometimes It’s Best To Stick It To Em’

And the hits just keep on coming….temps in the 90’s, humidity to match, feels like low 100’s….and YES you’ve heard it before but don’t give up. Picture below was taken July 11, 2013  on Lake Griffin. The water temp that day was 89 deg. But notice 1 thing….NO not the old fart in the picture….the water surface….wave action….meaning there’s wind. My experience has proven that when there’s wind the bass are more active.

Steve Catches an 8.77 lb Bass On Lake Griffin on 7/11/2013

Many anglers prefer calm conditions for various reasons, 1 is ease of boat control. I’ve cured that by installing a Power Pole & for ME it has revolutionized my results. There’s one made for smaller boats now to include you “yakers”.

The new Micro shallow water anchor is so quiet, small and fast, it almost seems unfair to the fish.

2 of the more popular companies that manufacture automated anchoring systems are Power Pole & Minn Kota. Check both for your preference.

So the next time you’re out & the wind is moving you off your mark, you may want to say “stick it” and possibly increase your results….it has worked for me.

Steve Henderson

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