Dog Days-Daze of Summer / Better Go Early & Late / Really?

photoMA30385102-0002Steve's 4.71 lb back to the deep (6')

These ravenous little rascals eat when they’re hungry. When was this? Did the solunar table say “Chow Time”?  Are you out to “catch” or want, as BASS emcee Dave Mercer says, “Big Mama”?  You may want to change your tactics….

The sunrise is 6:30….safe light for boating , on a clear morning, is usually 30 minutes prior. Todays air temperature is expected to be 94 with “feel like temps” to be in the low to mid 100’s. Water temps at day break high 80’s and in the PM will be pushing 90 degrees. We’ve reached what’s commonly referred to by many as Dog Days orrrr Dog Daze of summer.

Many anglers believe that this time of year you either go early or late. The late Bass Professor Doug Hannon said “Big Fish” don’t feed in the low light times of day such as predawn & dusk. Sure they’ll be times when you catch a large fish early or late.

A well known local pan fisherman named Robert Edmonson said the hotter and the brighter it is the better his catching. He grabs Mr. Shakey and gets his limit. Edmonson refers to his rod as Mr. Shakey….”I’m always shaking it.”

In June & July of 2013, during the heat of the summer, the bite was on in the Harris Chain. This wasn’t a daily occurrence but if it was hot, sunny, and there was some wind….oh yeah baby. Well 2014 hasn’t produced any Trophy Catch (8 lb +) qualifiers yet….but it aint over by a long shot.

Jerry Lester and I caught three nice Bass yesterday afternoon. (Click on the small image to see a larger one.)  We caught them middle of the afternoon as the captions show, cranking lipless. (Put your cursor on the image to see the caption.)

So the next time you go to bed at sunset, get up 3 hours before sunrise, make that trip to the lake while your mind is still in a daze….REALLY? I’ll be sleeping in, stopping for breakfast…. or maybe lunch.

CAUTION: Staying hydrated, wearing correct clothing, & sunscreen is a must.

Steve Henderson


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