Yes Virginia – The Bass ARE Biting

Sight fishing is over….the bass have spawned….post spawn bite is tough….pre-spawn bite is tough….dog days of summer is approaching….are there other excuses??? So what do you do? Hang up your toys and wait till the “Woe Is Me” is over?…. and I’m not referring to the metal rock band in Atlanta that formed in 2009.

The only way to find out if the fish are biting is to verify it yourself. I once heard a guy say that “All fisherman are liars except for you & me & I’m a little leery about you”. Well maybe not that bad but trust no one except the tackle shops & your parents.

On a normal day I have no less than 4 rods readily available with various baits. Today was no different but one thing for sure, where I’d caught them a week ago, they weren’t there this trip. Move around, throw multiple baits, and if throwing hard baits of any sort, vary your retrieve. The saying a blind nut finds a squirrel… er uh ….you know what I mean…


5.90 Devoured A Rattle Trap

5.90 Devoured A Rattle Trap

Steve Henderson


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