Bass Tournament Pre-Fishing – Is It REALLY Necessary?

Stan Lippian had an upcoming bass club tournament with South Lake Bass Anglers on Saturday May 17, 2014 on Lake Griffin. Prior to to the tournament Lippian made several trips to Griffin trying to find concentrations of fish in both numbers & size. This transplanted Ohio angler isn’t new to the technique & while some say you’re just sore mouthing the fish….maybe so, BUT at least you know where they reside.


This scale is showing 8 lb – 12 oz. Tournament weigh-in scale, 8.80 lbs. Just a nit-pic. (Click to zoom on picture.)


Stan Lippian and beauty. (Click to zoom in.)

Many times smaller fish run in schools and are easier to catch a quick limit when they’re in the mood….however, the larger fish have a tendency to be loaners….if you find one just remember what his/her house looked like….there’s a reason that fish was there, whether it’d be cover or food….something made it gravitate to that spot. Lippian’s fish was a prime example of how a small clump of isolated pads can hold & 8.80 lb (8 lb-12 oz) Florida Trophy Catch qualifier that devoured a worm tossed gently at it’s front door.  Previously Lippian had fished the area & mentioned that the fish he’d caught in practice were larger than waiver fish,  between 12-14″. This big-un, accompanied by 4 smaller fish, gave him a total weight of 13.86…. good enough for 2nd place overall….winning the big ba$$ pot at the ramp…. and in strong contention for the year end Big Bass cash award. Lippian isn’t new to catching the “Big Bass” in his club tournaments….he did so 3 times last year.

No slouch to bass tournaments, 1st place winner South Lake Bass Angler club member Rodney Harville holds up 2 of his 5 fish. Harvilles weight was 16.59 lbs….almost pulled off Big Bass too at 6.90 lbs…..WTG Rodney.

user posted image

Rodney Harville – tournament winner with 16.59 lbs.


Lake Griffin produced South Lake Bass Anglers clubs Big Bass of the year in 2013. It may do so again….but you may want to look for them first.  And, looking is easy on the eye.  IMG_09321

Steve Henderson




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