FWC Holds Meeting For Bass Rule Change In Tavares

FFWC-logoIn attendance at Wednesday nights meeting were 5 FWC officials, 4-5 tournament directors, local newspaper rep, tackle shop owner, 7-8 others….maybe 15. FWC was good to keep everyone on topic. What surprised me was the lack of participation from the ones it affects most….the anglers. But on behalf of the anglers, there was a tournament out of Buzzard Beach on the Harris Chain. There were several more that fished that tournament than were in attendance at the meeting. The proposal was under a 2 year study that was compiled with results of creel surveys, tagging study, and the on line bass survey. Here’s some of the “skinny” that was discussed. I’m not a stenographer so….

  • There’s no change to bass tournaments….if you filled out permits before, you keep on keepin on….tournaments are exempt.
  • Lakes with “catch & release” specifically Stick Marsh will not change.
  • Bed fishing does not affect the spawn. There are plenty of fish remaining that spawn.
  • Less than 10% of bass are harvested.
  • Smaller fish harvested contain less mercury.
  • The fish population state wide is healthy.
  • Up to 40% of fish die annually under natural circumstances

If you’re interested in taking the bass survey just click on the provided link. http://myfwc.com/fishing/freshwater/black-bass/bass-regulations/   Steve Henderson

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