Stick Marsh – Farm 13

Farm 13  Stick Marsh fishing buddy

Stan Lippian 2 Typical Stick Marsh Bass

Stan Lippian 2 Typical
Stick Marsh Bass

This bass magnet 6500 acre body of water, located in NW Indian River County, is one of the best bass kept secrets & the top 10 bass lakes in the state of Florida. My neighbor Stan Lippian & I ventured there this week. Lippian said a bad day at Stick Marsh is 25 bass. The 3:30 AM alarm clock was a shocker breaking  my sleep. Walk the dog, trash out, tackle ready….we’re off. Some 2.5 hours later we arrived. Nice ramp, parking, and even a restroom.  Once we got out the canal it then opens up to the lake. If you look at it on a map all you see is a rectangular shaped body of water and don’t appreciate the vastness of this place. FWC lists it as 6500 acres. It’s also suggested that boaters use EXTREME CAUTION due to underwater obstructions. Treat this as the golden rule. I’ll attest to the stumps.

Stick Marsh

Stick Marsh

No wind, blue sky, and only see 5 boats….man this place is as if we have it to ourselves. I started throwing rattletraps and soon switched because of the vegetation & stumps. Lippian was using a worm & I followed up with a spinnerbait. Lippian soon lands 1, 2, 3….ok I get the hint. The fish weren’t giant by any means but who’s complaining after some of my latest dismal outings. One angler who lives in the area and fishes it daily, wind permitting, has this in his daily arsenal….Rattle Traps…. Zoom Vibetails , both Watermelon/Red and Junebug with a 1/16th oz. weight pegged up about 5-6. I witnessed Lippian take me to the cleaners using a skinny dipper.  The day was a mediocre success with the total catch of 27 & the largest around 4.5 lbs. I’d rate it good but after reading and talking to others…. not so. This was just a teaser.  So after 6 hours we called it a day. Stick Marsh record bass is by guide Jim Porter 15.11. Hmmm time to set the alarm for 3:30 AM.

Steve Henderson

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