Bass Boats & Their Future

I just received my Bassmaster magazine and Senior Writer Louie Stout discusses the future of bassboats….what can they do to make them better? Stout says technology is about the only way we can go….different composites and the like….pricing is another burden or the MAIN burden. Not everyone can afford to purchase a fully rigged 21 ft bassboat shoved by a 250 hp engine with prices north of 70K…. Stout mentioned that Triton allegedly wants to reduce the HP limit to 150 in major tournament circuits….thus reducing the overall cost….21 ft boats would still run 55-60 mph. XB-21 BasSport Pro Bass Boat A friend recently replaced his bow mount foot control 24 volt trolling motor. The cost was $1200. How about a 36 volt trolling motor for almost $1500? Then there’s Power Poles….plural….can’t just have 1….Did you know that you can get them now with the capability to work by voice activation?!?!…are you kidding me??? Now if there was some way to have the jerk that blocks the ramp….ah….wishful thinking.

Steve Henderson

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